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“Nothing is worth more than laughter.  It is strength to laugh and to abandon oneself.  To be light…”  ~ Frida Kahlo ~Selena Sced is the lovely creator behind SS Studios.  Before I even met Selena, I fell in love with her style.  You see her studio is located at the Ellis Art Studios here in Kelowna and about a week or so before meeting Selena I happened to be getting a little tour of the Ellis Studios with another artist.  Selena wasn’t in at that moment but when we came up to her space, I quickly poked my head into her studio to have little peek and in those few seconds felt instantly drawn to her and couldn’t wait to meet her in person.  Selena’s space was bright and fresh.  It felt alive.  It was full of colour.  It felt happy, like the sun was shining within those four walls.  When I finally got to meet Selena in person, it all made sense.  When she speaks, she smiles.  It’s like there is a constant twinkle in her eyes.  She is calm.  She is warm.  She is like the sunshine.

Selena is a woman of many talents.  She is a potter, a painter and a print artist.  Upon meeting her I had basically zero knowledge of printmaking, and all of the steps it entailed.  There are a number of different categories of printmaking.  Some techniques being more traditional than others.  Selena decided to demonstrate a technique called Chine-collé, which is a printing technique in which paper of a different colour and texture is actually bonded (not just glued) to the print.  This was a process I had never seen or even heard of before, to be completely honest.  Like many of the art forms I’ve been learning about through this series, it is one with many many steps involved in order to make just one final piece, a print in this case.

Selena is inspired by people, nature and travel.  She was blessed with an opportunity to spend a month in Mexico being mentored by a local print artist.  What an amazing experience that would’ve been.  She returned home not only with more practical knowledge but with a wealth of inspiration as you can well see in her work.

Upon reflecting on my time with Selena it really sunk in that all these pieces of art that you see here and anywhere really, are little pieces of the one who created it.  I suppose that kind of goes without saying, but for some reason it became so clear to me after my visit with Selena.  Whenever I see her pottery for instance, it reminds me of her.  When you don’t have the opportunity of spending time with the artist, that element is missed.  But all of the artists that I’ve met in this series, remind me of their art.  The feelings I feel when I am with them are the same feelings I get from their art.  The same spirit that lives in the artist lives in the art.  It’s pretty fascinating when you think about it.

My visit with Selena shows only the tip of a huge creative iceberg of beautiful works of art.  Her pottery which we didn’t end up focusing on is so lovely.  You’ll love it.  You must check out her website at SS Studio to see a full gallery of all of her work.  For now though I hope you enjoy this little window into SS Studio’s creative process.Here below are some of the double exposed photos that I took with my 35mm film camera while visiting Selena.  I really love how they turned out.  To me they have a gentle feel about them.  The vibrancy of colour being slightly muted with the double exposure.  You just never know how they’re going to turn out but so far I’ve always been pleasantly surprised!!!

  • February 10, 2017 - 5:04 pm

    Judy Challis - Love the article. But as Selenas Mom I sm kind of biased!!!! I was going to send your article and pics to some family members (who are not on Facebook) but do not seem to be able to copy?? Is this a copyright issue???ReplyCancel

  • February 13, 2017 - 8:50 pm

    Barbara Sced - Great article and such wonderful photography.ReplyCancel

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