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Expressions Of An Artist

“I believe that creativity is a force of enchantment – not entirely human in it’s origins”   ~ Elizabeth Gilbert ~0020_5AAs some of you might know, I’ve recently begun a photography/art project titled, Expressions Of An Artist.  It’s an idea that came to me probably 2 years ago now, when my circle of friends began to expand further and further into the Arts community.  When the idea for this series came to me, I entertained it briefly, but then let it go.  It was only maybe a month ago, when the idea paid me another visit.  This time I decided to act on it and it’s been a whirlwind of fun and inspiration since I began.

For the remaining part of 2016 I’ll be will be gradually meeting and spending time with a variety of artists from all over BC.  I will be visiting each artist in their creative space or studio.  I will get to photograph their creative process, what inspires them, as well as their art.  Many of these artist put hours and hours, even days and weeks, into each piece they create.  I want to honour that process and the time and heart that they invest into each piece.  To quote Elizabeth Gilbert again from her book Big Magic, “I believe the creative process is both magical and magic.”

This project is also allowing myself creative freedom to photograph in ways I’m not typically required or expected to do.  It’s pushing me outside of my traditional photography box.  Collaborating with other artists is definitely one of my favourite things in life, and so, as part of each artist’s session, I will be shooting off one roll of 35mm film with my lovely analog camera.  I will then be double exposing that roll.  One whole layer will be of the artist themselves and the 2nd layer will be of their art and creative space.  This little addition to the series has been lots of fun for me and has felt a little bit like that magic Elizabeth Gilbert talks about.Untitled-2So far, I’ve met and photographed a handful of artists.  A metal sculptor, a dj and music producer, and some talented painters, to name a few.  I’m super excited for all of the artists I have lined up and I look forward to sharing my visits with you all here.

My first artist visit, brought me into the Kootenay’s, where I photographed an incredible metal sculptor in her shop.  I’m so excited to be featuring her here on my blog tomorrow.  Please come back and check her out.  See you soon!IMG_3879

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