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synergy ~ the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements…Artist_Series_Capra_Designs01

I have been a huge fan of Katie and her art for a long time.  I have always been drawn to her work.  I have also known Colin for many years and have admired and even photographed some of his art around town.  So when I found out that these two had joined forces to form Capra Design, I was so excited for them and then when they both agreed to let me come and photograph them in their studio while they created (magic) together I was even more excited.  I have literally LOVED (and wanted) everything I have seen these two pump out!  The two of them have collaborated on many different projects and so I wasn’t even quite certain what it was I would get to see them working on.  The day of our visit, Katie sent me a text that said, “We are in the middle of making dye shirts, hope that suits your photos..”  My response… “AWESOME!”  And it really was.  Not only was it a visit full of colour but it was a visit full of love and support and excitement.  These two work so well together.  They have this flow… and it is inspiring to witness.

With nearly each Artist visit I’ve had so far, the topic of “excitement” comes up.  There’s this element of surprise in some way, (happy accidents) that seems to have each artist hooked on what it is they’re doing.  They can’t wait to wake up in the morning and see how their painting looks dry, or lifting that print off the press and seeing how it all came together… or peering into the kiln for the first time and pulling out a completely transformed piece of clay.  So much excitement.  Tie dye, which is what Katie and Colin were doing the evening I visited, had everything to do with surprise.  To say it was a fun experience for me, would be an understatement.  To give you an idea, typically my visits take approximately 2 to 2 and half hours or so.  I was with Katie and Colin for 4 and a half hours!  Haha.. Colin was playing some sweet tracks and the energy in that space was a perfect balance of excitement and chill… it was a very easy space to loose track of time in.  Which is always a good sign.  So without further ado, I invite you to have a peek here at their beautiful synergy.  You can also find them on facebook at Capra Design.Artist_Series_Capra_Designs02Artist_Series_Capra_Designs03Artist_Series_Capra_Designs04Artist_Series_Capra_Designs05Artist_Series_Capra_Designs06Artist_Series_Capra_Designs07Artist_Series_Capra_Designs08Artist_Series_Capra_Designs09Artist_Series_Capra_Designs10Artist_Series_Capra_Designs11Artist_Series_Capra_Designs12Artist_Series_Capra_Designs35Artist_Series_Capra_Designs14Artist_Series_Capra_Designs15Artist_Series_Capra_Designs16Artist_Series_Capra_Designs17Artist_Series_Capra_Designs18Artist_Series_Capra_Designs19Artist_Series_Capra_Designs20Artist_Series_Capra_Designs21Artist_Series_Capra_Designs22Artist_Series_Capra_Designs23Artist_Series_Capra_Designs24Artist_Series_Capra_Designs25Artist_Series_Capra_Designs26Artist_Series_Capra_Designs26aArtist_Series_Capra_Designs27Artist_Series_Capra_Designs28Artist_Series_Capra_Designs29Artist_Series_Capra_Designs30The remaining photos here, are from the double exposed roll of 35mm film that I shot of them.  This would be my version of that surprise element I mentioned above, that keeps me coming back for more.  So much excitement in picking up each roll of developed film!!!  I’m hooked.  🙂Artist_Series_Capra_Designs31Artist_Series_Capra_Designs32Artist_Series_Capra_Designs32bArtist_Series_Capra_Designs32aArtist_Series_Capra_Designs33Artist_Series_Capra_Designs34

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