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Keep Bouncin’StickyBuds_01When I first began this Artist series, I knew right away that I wanted to photograph a dj/producer.  I originally thought I had an idea on what was involved in producing even just one track, let alone a whole set.  Well, I soon learned I had a very limited or narrow idea.  Tyler Martens of Stickybuds, generously welcomed me in the midst of his busy world touring and recording schedule, into his studio and shared with me, some of the process he goes through to create the music he does.  First of all, before meeting up with Tyler, I had, had the chance a handful of times, to see Stickybuds live.  I hadn’t however, really had the opportunity of spending very much time chatting with him.  He’s the real deal.  A super humble and gracious human being whose vibe seems to be laced with a message of love and respect, which is clearly felt in the sets and music he produces.

One of the things that totally impressed me while visiting Tyler in his studio, was the devotion and discipline that he commits to his craft.  Such as deciding to learn piano and devoting something like 45 mins each morning to his scratching skills!!!  Very impressive!  I left his studio inspired to challenge and exercise my own brain in some new and technical way.  I’m still thinking on it.  🙂

I also recently learned that Tyler is an advocate and collaborating artist for The Little Giant Acorn Foundation of the Arts, which is an international non- profit organization that provides and helps under privileged children get music and performing arts education and training.  Super cool, if you ask me.

So, I am very excited to finally feature the talented Tyler Martens of Stickybuds!  Below you’ll see first my visit with him at his studio, where he creates his magic, as well as my second visit with him at a live show, where he shares his magic!  I hope you all check him out on facebook at Stickybuds and you can find out lots more about this rad dude on his official website at

StickyBuds_02StickyBuds_03StickyBuds_04StickyBuds_05StickyBuds_07StickyBuds_08StickyBuds_09StickyBuds_10StickyBuds_11StickyBuds_12StickyBuds_13StickyBuds_14StickyBuds_15StickyBuds_16StickyBuds_17StickyBuds_18StickyBuds_19StickyBuds_20StickyBuds_21StickyBuds_22StickyBuds_23I was super excited about these double exposed photos.  I shot off the first layer of photos with Tyler at his studio.  I then saved the roll of film and reloaded it back into my camera for the second session I had, when Stickybuds played his set live on stage at the beach.  The results were pretty cool.StickyBuds_24StickyBuds_25StickyBuds_26StickyBuds_27StickyBuds_28StickyBuds_29

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