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Spring Mini Session

I’ve been busy this month with my Spring Mini Sale, and this here was one of the sessions I did over Easter.  I’ve shared with some of you already, how my approach to family photography this Spring has taken a bit of a shift.  I was deeply moved by some of the new families I’ve met and the challenging journeys their lives are taking.  The amount of strength, hope and love they need to hold on to each day, is inspiring.  Every moment we have together is precious.  Each moment is a gift.  My intention, now more than ever in my family photo sessions, is to capture true memories, not just of you trying to sit pretty and perfect.  It’s to pay attention to the little details and interactions of your family.  To help you to remember each other one day.  To be able to look back through your photos in the years to come and be reminded of much more than a perfect portrait.

I’ve known this family, (mainly Ashley) for a long time.  I can actually look back in my own family photo albums and find pictures of Ashley when she was Brielle’s age!!!  So it’s pretty awesome for me now, to be able to capture these memories for her.  I love this little family!!!Okanagan_Family_Photographer01aOkanagan_Family_Photographer02Okanagan_Family_Photographer03Okanagan_Family_Photographer04Okanagan_Family_Photographer05Okanagan_Family_Photographer06Okanagan_Family_Photographer07Okanagan_Family_Photographer08Okanagan_Family_Photographer09Okanagan_Family_Photographer10Okanagan_Family_Photographer11Okanagan_Family_Photographer12Okanagan_Family_Photographer13Okanagan_Family_Photographer14Okanagan_Family_Photographer15

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