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“The most potent elements in a work of art, often, are it’s silences.”  ~ Susan Sontag ~Back when I first had a vision for this project, I decided to put out a little call on my social media.  I briefly shared about my idea and that I was in need of a few artists, of any kind, who might wish to collaborate with me.  I put it out there and then waited to see if anyone might be interested.  The response was overwhelming, as I’m still working my way through all the amazing artists that I was honoured to meet.  One of which was the extremely talented Bramble Lee Pryde, owner and creator of Le Lou Ula Atelier.

Bramble is a sculptor at heart.  She is multi-talented in her abilities and has explored a number of art forms including paint and photography.  It seems whatever Bramble puts her hands to, the results are stunning.  In our time spent together I was able to witness two of her main art forms, metal and clay.  Both are such raw elements of the earth.  Both rely on the element of fire to enrich and fill it with life.  Just like the element of earth, Bramble’s pieces might appear basic or minimal, but just like the element of fire, they command attention.  She has perfected the use of negative space, which is not easily accomplished.

Le Lou Ula has recently relocated to Calgary.  Sad for us, but incredibly lucky for everyone there!! 🙂  So these visits that I’m sharing with you are from her studio when she was here in Kelowna.  I first visited Bramble in the studio where she formed and created her jewelry.  I was able to watch her create a piece from start to finish.  The process is laborious, with many steps and plenty of energy required.  It is awe inspiring to see how much time and work goes into each piece.  Our second visit was at the space where she created with clay.  I was honoured to get a glimpse of Bramble’s process and to see a master of fine art at work.

Thank you Bramble, for being such a wonderful part of this project and for graciously sharing with us a glimpse into your process. xox

Now to all of you, I hope you enjoy these photos, and if you haven’t already, you’ve got to check out her website, Le Lou Ula.

Below is the visit with Bramble in the space where she created with clay.Here now, are the double exposed images I captured on 35mm film.  Some of my absolute favourite to date!

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