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Kate Tupper Studio

“Great things are done by a series of small things, brought together” ~ Vincent Van Gogh ~Artist_Series_Kate_Tupper01

I have been so excited to share with you my visit with Kate Tupper, an incredibly talented steel and multimedia Artist.  She’s a welder, turned artist as she puts it.  I got to visit her at work, in her shop in Nakusp B.C.  I am always immediately drawn to an artist’s wall of inspiration or the pictures they choose to hang and the objects they display.  Even the music they listen to while creating.  These are the pieces of their world that inspire them.  These are little bits of who they are.  Kate’s wall was bursting with colourful patterns and impressive geometric designs.  It included photos of the intricate and detailed fractals of nature.  Coupled with her wall of inspiration, was a shelf that held an assortment of little metal sculptures.  Many were her own.  Pieces left over or kept as a memento from the greater pieces, that were now somewhere else on display or in a new home.  In fact, she really didn’t have many completed pieces in the shop when I was there, as they were all being shown.  So most of what I captured was of her working on her current project, as well as some of those little mementos that she had kept.  All, so very impressive.  She did have her bike with her though, and let me tell you, the details she created on it, are the most beautiful and whimsical details I have ever seen on a bike.  I urge you to visit her website to get a really good look at her art and sculptures.  She will blow you away with her talent.  Here you can find her website: Kate Tupper  And you can find her on facebook here: Kate Tupper Studio  Kate is a thoughtful, honest and deep soul who creates beauty from steel.Artist_Series_Kate_Tupper02Artist_Series_Kate_Tupper07Artist_Series_Kate_Tupper03Artist_Series_Kate_Tupper04Artist_Series_Kate_Tupper05Artist_Series_Kate_Tupper06Artist_Series_Kate_Tupper08Artist_Series_Kate_Tupper09Artist_Series_Kate_Tupper10Artist_Series_Kate_Tupper11Artist_Series_Kate_Tupper12Artist_Series_Kate_Tupper13Artist_Series_Kate_Tupper14Artist_Series_Kate_Tupper15Artist_Series_Kate_Tupper16Artist_Series_Kate_Tupper17Artist_Series_Kate_Tupper18Artist_Series_Kate_Tupper19Artist_Series_Kate_Tupper20Artist_Series_Kate_Tupper21Artist_Series_Kate_Tupper22Artist_Series_Kate_Tupper23Artist_Series_Kate_Tupper24Artist_Series_Kate_Tupper25The remaining few photos, are some of the photos taken with my old 35mm analog film camera.  Each photo is double exposed.  Now as I share these photos with you, keep in mind, sometimes I get photos back from the lab and they’re pure chaos. That’s all part of the fun.  In fact some photos can be downright bizarre… haha…but there always ends up being a little bit of magic within each roll. Artist_Series_Kate_Tupper30Artist_Series_Kate_Tupper28Artist_Series_Kate_Tupper32Artist_Series_Kate_Tupper27Artist_Series_Kate_Tupper29

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