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Kara Barkved

By doing what you love, you inspire & awaken the hearts of others…kara_barkved_01Few things excite me more than meeting new people, hearing their stories and being inspired.  I met Kara a few months ago now when I visited her at her home and place of inspiration.  Kara, along with her two dogs and cat greeted me at the door and welcomed me in to her lovely creative space, which overflowed with beautiful and colourful canvases.  It didn’t take long after I put down my bags, before she led me outside to where the magic happens.  Her garden.  This is where she really feels inspired.  Her garden reminded me of exactly how I would want my garden to look like if I had one.  A little wild but not absent of care.  More like a garden with freedom.  I loved it.  I couldn’t help but stand in awe.  She even had one of my favourite trees growing in the back, a Weeping Willow.  Standing there in the sunshine, in Kara’s garden, I could easily see how she is not only inspired by nature but also collaborates with nature.  Let me expain…

While Kara and I were in touch before we met she had told me about a little experiment that she had done in the past with her Willow Tree.  She decided to show me what it was all about.  I watched Kara through my lens as she brought out some paper, a pen and a roll of tape.  She then taped the pen to one of the Willow branches so it just touched the paper that she had weighted down on a table which sat beneath the tree.  Then she left the pen and the wind and the Willow alone to create.  Typically it’s the next morning when she excitedly goes to see what has transpired on the paper.  What an fun idea!  The surprise! The magic.  From there she will often study the piece for a while to see if something jumps out at her.  Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.  Regardless she will go in and add colour to the piece and create a work of art.  What an awesome collaboration.

I saw in Kara’s paintings a fullness of colour and life and freedom.  Just like what I saw in her garden and in herself.  Kara will often pull her easel right out into her garden to paint which is what she did while I was there.  It was hard to leave her space, but when I did,  I left feeling inspired.  I hope as you take a glimpse at our little time together you also will feel as inspired as I did.  Thank you Kara for having me into your home and creative space.

You can find a whole lot more of Kara’s beautiful art on her facebook pg at: Kara Barkved.kara_barkved_02kara_barkved_03kara_barkved_04kara_barkved_05kara_barkved_06kara_barkved_07kara_barkved_08kara_barkved_09kara_barkved_26kara_barkved_10kara_barkved_11kara_barkved_12kara_barkved_13kara_barkved_14kara_barkved_29kara_barkved_15kara_barkved_16kara_barkved_17kara_barkved_18kara_barkved_19kara_barkved_20kara_barkved_21kara_barkved_22kara_barkved_23kara_barkved_24kara_barkved_25Below you’ll find the always exciting 35mm film photos that I double exposed during the shoot as part of the series.  Two layers of depth.  Two layers of fun!!!  Enjoy.kara_barkved_27kara_barkved_30kara_barkved_28kara_barkved_34kara_barkved_32

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