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About Jessica

   “Photography is an ART of observation.  It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”  ~Elliot Erwitt~

1dHello there!  I’m Jessica. I’m a photographer specializing in wedding and lifestyle photography.  Kelowna BC is where I call home and my home is a full one, with 4 beautiful children and 1 amazing husband.  You can see a little more of my family here, My Heart.  My Family.

I’m an explorer at heart.  In fact I was only 10 years old the first time I remember feeling the desire to leave home and explore.  I wanted to move away to an Island, and believe it or not, my parents let me go!  I actually had family living on Lasqueti Island.  So I left my home in the Kootenays, and headed to Lasqueti.  The plan in my little mind was to stay for 1 whole year!  Well I lasted 4 weeks!  Haha.  Since then, I haven’t lost my love for traveling or adventure…or exploring this amazing planet we live on.

It was 15 years ago now, when I bought my first 35mm SLR camera and became completely smitten with photography. I had so much to learn, but what I love about photography and any art for that matter, is that the well of creativity and inspiration seems to get deeper and deeper the more you enter into it.

I began my photography business in 2004.  I put away my film camera not long after I turned professional and replaced it with a digital camera.  I never thought I’d go back, but last Summer I pulled out my old film camera and have since become smitten all over again.  I love film photography!  I shoot only film now for all my personal photos. At this point I still mainly use my digital camera with clients but this year I’ll be slowly incorporating film back into my business.

I would have to say that photographing people has always been my favourite subject.  Being able to see in a photo the connection or feeling that two people share or the love and laughter of a family…it’s what I love.  It’s what I notice.  It’s what I capture.  I once had a lady, after viewing my website, tell me…”I can see that you must really love people!”  That was about one of the best things I think anyone could say about my photos.

Thanks so much for browsing my site and I’d love for you to find me on Instagram and Facebook