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heARTful Drop-In Nights

Beginning this week, tomorrow actually, on May 7th, Nikki Balfour and I will be hosting an art drop-in night at heART school. We’re calling it heARTful drop-in…unplugged!  It’s going to be a tech-free night.  So NO laptops, ipads etc… We will be hosting heARTful drop-in nights twice a month.  We’re very excited.  It’ll be an evening where you get to come and hang out and create with other “creatives” in a laid back and inspiring space.  No lessons, just freedom to do your thing. BRING YOUR OWN sketchbooks and pencils, canvases and paints…etc.  Remember you can bring anything you might currently be working on creatively.  Beading, knitting, collage, scrapbooking, or start something entirely new all together!  It doesn’t have to be the obvious paint and canvas, just no technology for 2 hours!

We really hope to see you there.  This month heARTful Drop-In nights are scheduled for:

Tuesday May 7th. 7pm-9pm

Thursday May 23rd. 7pm-9pm

#5-375 Bernard Ave

Cost $15

The above art pieces are from myself, Nikki Balfour and Carrie Mitchel Harper.

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