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‘It’s not just about creativity, it’s about the person you’re becoming while you’re creating.’  ~ Charles Ashworth ~charla_artist_series_01This woman right here has influenced me more in my career as a photographer than any other person has.  From the beginning she has led me, taught me and inspired me.  The encouragement and wisdom that she shared with me back when I was just starting out has shaped my whole journey.  When I first met Charla, photography was her focus and let me tell you, she was an amazing photographer.  When she shifted her focus to painting, it was as if she just transferred all that awesomeness right onto the canvas.

Charla paints portraits that evoke a deep feeling of connectedness.  If a painting can both grip you and move you at once, then that is what Charla’s paintings do to oneself.  You cannot just walk by one of her paintings.  There is something about her paintings that compel you to stop and to come closer.  Her work stills you and then it moves you.

One of the qualities that I love about Charla is her authenticity.  The way the dictionary describes authentic is: to represent one’s true nature or beliefs.  This quality of authenticity that I find in Charla is also what I see in her paintings.  Her paintings are honest.  She does a phenomenal job at not only portraying the person she is painting but she also in such a way, makes you feel the same thing the person might have been feeling.  You connect with the painting somehow more than you would in actually seeing the original photo.  It’s a little mystifying actually.  🙂

Another thing I love about Charla’s paintings is her use of colour within each portrait.  It’s an abstract use of colour.  So I was really surprised and intrigued when I learned that Charla always paints her portraits from a black and white photo.  I’m sure it’s my complete lack of knowledge in painting that leaves me so confused in learning this.  None the less, it just makes it all seem even more amazing!

I could go on and on about how wonderful of an artist Charla is, but for now I will let you see for yourself, and when you’re done here, if you haven’t yet visited Charla’s website, you ought to:

charla_artist_series_02charla_artist_series_03charla_artist_series_04charla_artist_series_05charla_artist_series_06charla_artist_series_07charla_artist_series_08charla_artist_series_09charla_artist_series_10charla_artist_series_11charla_artist_series_12charla_artist_series_13charla_artist_series_14charla_artist_series_15charla_artist_series_16charla_artist_series_17charla_artist_series_18charla_artist_series_19charla_artist_series_20charla_artist_series_21Below is a handful of the double exposed 35mm film photos that I took during the session.  For a while now Charla has been been experimenting with incorporating sketches of the human skeleton into her paintings.  I was curious to see how including some of those sketches would turn out in these double exposed photos.  I was pretty excited with the results.charla_artist_series_22charla_artist_series_23charla_artist_series_24charla_artist_series_25charla_artist_series_26charla_artist_series_27charla_artist_series_28

  • October 23, 2016 - 2:48 pm

    Donna - I love Charla’s paintings ? each one is unique and spectacular in its own right! So talented! I follow her and am excited with each new turn she takes with her creativity. But today, I am wow’d and inspired by your photographs and the artistic way you have presented them. In particular the double exposed are my favorites of the photos in your shoot!! Great article…thank you for sharing!!ReplyCancel

  • October 23, 2016 - 4:01 pm

    Lori Caldwell - Wow I love this post and the double exposure shots at the end are very unique; now I need to go shoot some film!ReplyCancel

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