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seattle family photographer, family photography, seattle, photographer, photography, richard photo lab, seattle, hasselblad h1, canon 1v, film, seattle film photographer, kodak portra 400, kodak triX 400, ballard, ballard family photographer, seattle lifeWell it’s been a long time coming.  Definitely longer than I thought it would take me. Ha!  I had hoped to launch this brand new site of mine March 1st, but then life got really crazy right around that time and things haven’t really slowed down until just recently.  I began feeling a little stressed about March 1st coming and going and my site wasn’t near done, but then I had to remind myself that I am my own boss.  I’ve learned to go easy on myself.  I set a deadline for myself, then life got extra busy, not a big deal.  I roll with it and let go of the things that cause me stress.  I sleep better that way and enjoy life a whole lot more.

I’m so thrilled to finally welcome you to my new website!!!  I’ve been working (intermittently) since the Fall, renewing and redoing it all.  New colours.  New images.  New logo (thanks to Chelsi Rapoza, who creates all her logos by hand and IS amazing!!!!!) I even have new sessions to offer.  I’m going to be offering Poetry Inspired Film Sessions, that I’m super excited about!  I am presently in the midst of preparing for 2 of them and have a couple more on deck!  Fun! Fun!  I can hardly wait!  So now, I would be honoured if you took some time and browsed a little through my new site.  I’m so looking forward to this new season and hope to get a chance to work with a lot of you this year!!!!  xox

Photo credit: Catherine Abegg.  She’s so awesome!

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