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“The most potent elements in a work of art, often, are it’s silences.”  ~ Susan Sontag ~Back when I first had a vision for this project, I decided to put out a little call on my social media.  I briefly shared about my idea and that I was in need of a few artists, of any kind, who might wish to collaborate with me.  I put it out there and then waited to see if anyone might be interested.  The response was overwhelming, as I’m still working my way through all the amazing artists that I was honoured to meet.  One of which was the extremely talented Bramble Lee Pryde, owner and creator of Le Lou Ula Atelier.

Bramble is a sculptor at heart.  She is multi-talented in her abilities and has explored a number of art forms including paint and photography.  It seems whatever Bramble puts her hands to, the results are stunning.  In our time spent together I was able to witness two of her main art forms, metal and clay.  Both are such raw elements of the earth.  Both rely on the element of fire to enrich and fill it with life.  Just like the element of earth, Bramble’s pieces might appear basic or minimal, but just like the element of fire, they command attention.  She has perfected the use of negative space, which is not easily accomplished.

Le Lou Ula has recently relocated to Calgary.  Sad for us, but incredibly lucky for everyone there!! 🙂  So these visits that I’m sharing with you are from her studio when she was here in Kelowna.  I first visited Bramble in the studio where she formed and created her jewelry.  I was able to watch her create a piece from start to finish.  The process is laborious, with many steps and plenty of energy required.  It is awe inspiring to see how much time and work goes into each piece.  Our second visit was at the space where she created with clay.  I was honoured to get a glimpse of Bramble’s process and to see a master of fine art at work.

Thank you Bramble, for being such a wonderful part of this project and for graciously sharing with us a glimpse into your process. xox

Now to all of you, I hope you enjoy these photos, and if you haven’t already, you’ve got to check out her website, Le Lou Ula.

Below is the visit with Bramble in the space where she created with clay.Here now, are the double exposed images I captured on 35mm film.  Some of my absolute favourite to date!

“A work of art is above all, an adventure of the mind.”  ~ Eugene Ionesco ~After a long hiatus, I am so happy to finally be re-opening my Expressions Of An Artist project again.  So much has happened in my life these last 8 months, but all is good and I am thrilled to be sharing with you now this totally creative and beautiful woman, Diana.  The first thing that I noticed about Diana was her warm and hospitable spirit.  Within minutes of meeting her, she somehow made me feel like I was a friend she hadn’t seen in a long time, rather than the stranger I was.  We quickly connected with our mutual love for art and travel and adventure.

I’m always excited to hear what people are inspired by.  Diana is inspired by people and culture, travel, fabric and jewelry.  She is inspired by colour and texture and nature.  Diana’s creative space was tucked away in her basement, right close to her backyard so whenever the weather is right, she creates outside as well.  Diana often collects pieces of nature and then uses them as her tools.  She’ll add texture to her paintings with a pine cone or a tree branch.  Diana regularly pulls inspiration from magazines as well as photos.  She also keeps a journal of inspiration, collecting little bits of memorabilia where ever she goes.  Diana’s process is playful and free and the joy that painting has brought to her life is so evident.  It’s really awesome to see someone so passionate about something.  You can’t help but walk away with a desire to have some of that same passion in your own life.

I think I got to visit with Diana 3 times during the course of this project.  During our first visit, she told me about her grandchildren who lived in the Netherlands and how much fun she has when they come visit her.  So we made a plan to have me come out again in the Summer when they were in for a visit.   The last half of this post is of her two sweet little grandchildren getting creative in their Grandma’s studio.

It’s been such a pleasure getting to know Diana a little bit through this project, she has inspired me so much.  I hope one day I’ll be creating with my grandchildren with the same joyful and free spirit as she.  Thank you so much Diana for welcoming me into your home and sharing with me your creative process.  You are such a gracious and lovely soul.  xox

You can see more of Diana’s work here at her website, and you can follow Diana on facebook here Diana Gritten.

These next few images are some of the lovely and bright and always colourful, double exposed images that I captured with my 35mm film camera.  This part of the project never ceases to amaze me with it’s innate abstractness and vivid energy.  🙂Here now is the visit with Diana’s grandchildren.  They were the sweetest.  What lucky kids to have such an amazing grandmother.

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    David Powter - I know Diana and family quite well and also her work.I must say you have captured her personality and work very well. She is a delight to work with and she has helped me progress in my art.Always a positive person with a zest for life. I consider myself lucky to be able to call her a friend!
    I was very impressed with your project.
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Sandy toes.  Sun kissed nose.  Missing those Summer vibes.I felt like Summer slipped by extra fast this year, but it didn’t leave without impressing on me a couple of good reminders.  I was reminded how amazing fresh air is to breathe.  I was also reminded of how fortunate I am to have an open, clean beach basically right at my door step.  Not having these two simple things consistently this Summer, sure made the days when all was fresh and clean so much better.

With the flooded beaches and smokey skies I never knew from day to day what to expect at a location when booked for a session.  So when a planned evening shoot happened to turn out like this one here, I was extra thankful.  This family was so sweet and made my job incredibly fun and easy.

“I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.” ~the Alchemist~Whenever my photography takes me back to my home town of Nakusp, it’s always a highlight of my season.  When it happens to be for a lovely backyard wedding full of beautiful souls, it’s like icing on the cake.  Carmen and Chris put a lot of work into setting the stage for a relaxed and perfect backyard Summer wedding.  They invited guests to come and camp at their property and celebrate for the weekend with them.  I just love it when weddings are planned like this, for it allows ample time for people to connect and catch up.  Carmen also happened to be wearing her mom’s wedding dress from when she was married.  Such an extra special detail on an extra special day.   I was very honored to be invited to share in their day and to capture some special moments that I hope last forever.  Congratulations Carmen and Chris.  xox

Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale. I’m excited to finally share with you all, Phil and Kathryn’s lovely wedding.  They had their wedding at the Okanagan Golf Club and amazingly it happened to fall on a day when most of the smoke in the sky had lifted briefly.  The day was beautiful and especially fun for me because I was also a guest at their wedding.  My husband and Phil happen to work together.  So it was great to know a lot of the guests and have that extra connection with them.  Congratulations you two.  I wish you all the best! xo