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My Adventures in Guatemala

As many of you already know, last month I had the privilege of traveling to Guatemala with World Vision with the sole purpose of taking photos for them.  It was an experience of a lifetime.  I joined a team of 7 others from across Canada and spent a week documenting the beauty of the land and the people it belongs to.  This was not my first visit to Guatemala.  I had in fact, visited once before when I was just out of high school, back in May of 1996.  I was just a kid myself at the time, and so my experiences and refections back then, were slightly different than they were this time.  Understandably so.  18 more years of living life’s ups and downs will most definitely affect how you perceive the world.

I returned home with the undeniable desire to go back again…and again!  I remember how much I loved the people of Guatemala when I was just 19, and I returned this time, still loving them.  There is a certain strength that I saw in the hearts of the young and the old, a type of strength I believe that I’ve never yet had to put forth.  I admire their strength.  I also admire their humility.  It is beautiful.  Finally, there is their laughter.  I very much admire their laughter.  It is hearty and lasts longer than the laughter I’m used to hearing.  I was laughing along with people I couldn’t even understand!  It’s that kind of infectious laughter that sounds and feels really good.

The intention of this trip to Guatemala was to bring back with us, stories and awareness of the needs that are present there and to inspire those of us who have plenty.  That we might share with those who have so little.  During the week we were there, Marty, the brilliant videographer on the team, filmed 7 different videos with the various musicians in our group.  I can hardly wait to see the fruit of his labour.

One of the highlights of the trip for me was when those of us who had a sponsored child from Guatemala, got to personally meet and spend time with them.  It was such an amazing experience.  I sponsor a little boy who is 6.  His name is Nelson and being able to meet him had a huge impact on me.  I want to bring my family back to Guatemala one day so they can all meet Nelson.  He is such a loving little boy with a big free spirit.  I fell in love.

If you’ve made it through all these words of mine…I thank you.  I appreciate your time and I hope through some of my photos you might also fall in love with the true beauty of Guatemala.

Wold_Vision_Photographer01Wold_Vision_Photographer02Wold_Vision_Photographer03Wold_Vision_Photographer04Wold_Vision_Photographer05Wold_Vision_Photographer06Wold_Vision_Photographer07Wold_Vision_Photographer08Wold_Vision_Photographer09Wold_Vision_Photographer10Wold_Vision_Photographer11Wold_Vision_Photographer12Wold_Vision_Photographer13Wold_Vision_Photographer01bWold_Vision_Photographer14Wold_Vision_Photographer15Wold_Vision_Photographer16Wold_Vision_Photographer17Wold_Vision_Photographer18Wold_Vision_Photographer19Wold_Vision_Photographer20Wold_Vision_Photographer21Wold_Vision_Photographer22Wold_Vision_Photographer23Wold_Vision_Photographer24Wold_Vision_Photographer25Wold_Vision_Photographer26Wold_Vision_Photographer27Wold_Vision_Photographer28Wold_Vision_Photographer29Wold_Vision_Photographer30Wold_Vision_Photographer31Wold_Vision_Photographer32Wold_Vision_Photographer33Wold_Vision_Photographer34Wold_Vision_Photographer35Wold_Vision_Photographer36Wold_Vision_Photographer37Wold_Vision_Photographer38Wold_Vision_Photographer39Wold_Vision_Photographer02aWold_Vision_Photographer41Wold_Vision_Photographer42Wold_Vision_Photographer43Wold_Vision_Photographer44Wold_Vision_Photographer45Wold_Vision_Photographer46Wold_Vision_Photographer47Wold_Vision_Photographer48Wold_Vision_Photographer49Wold_Vision_Photographer50Wold_Vision_Photographer51Wold_Vision_Photographer52Wold_Vision_Photographer53Wold_Vision_Photographer54Wold_Vision_Photographer55Wold_Vision_Photographer56Wold_Vision_Photographer57Wold_Vision_Photographer58Wold_Vision_Photographer59Wold_Vision_Photographer60Wold_Vision_Photographer61Wold_Vision_Photographer62Wold_Vision_Photographer63Wold_Vision_Photographer64Wold_Vision_Photographer65Wold_Vision_Photographer66This beautiful group, was the team I was a part of for the week in Guatemala.  xox


AND this shining little one is Nelson. Our sponsored child.  He is amazing! xox  Visit World Vision Canada to find out more about sponsorship and how you can be involved.Wold_Vision_Photographer02c

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