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A Little Inspiration

So ever since I jumped into this wonderful world of art and creativity and started expressing myself beyond my really expensive piece of glass that I hold so often in front of my face, I’ve been slightly obsessed with reading books.  Well come to think of it…I’ve always loved books and reading and being inspired by other passionate, creative people, whether they’re painting with acrylics or painting with light or words or music… I just love getting lost in the pages of a real live book in my lap.  As you can see below…I have many that I tend to get lost in these days.  Lately I’ve been enjoying a book titled Creative Thursday, by Marisa Anne.  In the book she encourages us to move outside of our comfort zone.  To trust and refine the artist in each of us and to make creativity a regular part of our lives.  In her words…

‘As much as there are days when I wish that I could just figure it all out once and for all, I now know that continually searching for and finding the answers is what feeds me.  Life is an ever-evolving journey that we take.  So let’s have more fun with it all and let’s use it to endlessly feed ourselves and our art.  I was watching an interview with famed American portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz, who after almost forty years of continuously exploring photography still comes across new ways to pursue her art.  She said that every time she tries something new she realizes “just how deep the well really is.”

I’m just so encouraged and energized and excited about that.  I truly believe that.  When it comes to creativity the well inside each of us is deeper than we probably realize.  So that’s all I wanted to share with you all.  I hope you’re inspired today.

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